Eyelash Extensions Course

  Enhance Your Eyes With Eyelash Extensions

An increasingly popular treatment at the spa is the addition of eyelash extensions. At Lash Star  Academy we only teach one to two student a day. Lash extensions are carefully sewn into your natural eyelashes by a trained professional who has completed an extensive eyelash extension course. As part of the eyelash extension course, our student has learned about the various shapes and styles of eyelash extensions which people may select from. Additionally, our student has learned the proper and safe way to perform this eyelash treatment. Eyelash detentions are a great way to give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyelashes. Many clients find that they do not even have to wear eye makeup once the eyelash extensions are in place.


Choose from a simple and natural look or a glamorous, sexy look. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths and shapes. Eyelash extensions come in sizes ranging from 7mm all the way up to 15mm in length. Plus, you can select from different thicknesses such as the classic application, or the Russian Volume application. The difference between these two eyelash extensions is the number of artificial mink lashes that are sewn onto each natural lash. In the classic application, the ratio is one-to-one. In the Russian Volume application, clients can select up to 10mink lashes for every natural eyelash, giving an extremely full and luxurious finish. We encourage our clients to examine the different styles and shapes before selecting the right eyelash extension option for them.