Facial Rejuvenation for A More Youthful Appearance

At Lime Tree Spa we offer a variety of facial treatments for our clients. Facials are not only relaxing, but come with several health benefits. A facial treatment is an excellent way to make the skin appear more youthful and bright. Facials are able to create a more youthful appearance through several mechanisms. First, massage helps to increase blood flow to the face area. This helps to regenerate damaged skin cells. Further, exfoliation can help eliminate dead and dull skin cells, revealing young and youthful looking cells underneath. Lastly, various skin treatments and products are applied to encourage healthy skin. We offer a variety of facials that are targeted to give the exact end result you are looking for. Facials typically include a massage, exfoliation, and skin treatment.


Compared to other treatment methods we offer at the Lime Tree Spa, a facial is one of the easiest and best ways for facial rejuvenation. A facial is a non-invasive and rather relaxing way to help the body turn over skin cells. This reveals healthier, younger skin cells lying just below the surface. Facial rejuvenation results can last for any duration of time, but most people continue to see results for up to three months. Furthermore, facials can help to rehydrate skin. This is an excellent choice during the harsh and cold winter when skin can take a beating. Scheduling regular facial treatments is a great way to stay current with skin healthcare regiments. At Lime Tree Spa we offer a package that includes up to 5 facials.