Permanent Makeup

  Save Time and Money with Permanent Makeup

Applying the same makeup day in and day out can be time consuming. Many women find that every day they are applying eyeliner, lip liner or eyebrow shadow. Not only does this take time in the morning, but over a lifetime, the cost of makeup can add up exponentially. Permanent makeup is a great way to achieve the same look, while saving time and money. Permanent makeup involves getting a permanent tattoo in a way that mimics the appearance of makeup. Our most popular permanent makeup options include eyeliner and lip pigmentation. We have the ability to make the permanent makeup appear completely natural. It is up to the individual client to decide on how much, or how little, permanent makeup she wants to be applied. This is a great practice for people who are looking to save time and money. Let the team at Lime Tree Spa meet with you to discuss the options and various looks with permanent makeup.