Full Waxing Services

At Lime Tree Spa, we offer a variety of waxing services, as well as waxing packages. Whether you want to have a single waxing application for a special occasion, or would like regular, ongoing waxing to maintain a hair free appearance, we are able to help. Many people opt to wax various parts of the body because it can greatly reduce the amount of time spent shaving. Plus, waxing lasts a significantly longer time than shaving, with often 2-3 weeks needed between waxing treatments. Waxing also removes all the hair on the body, including the fine hair often called peach fuzz. Many people choose to wax their arms, legs, upper lip, or eyebrows. Waxing also has the ability to make the skin appear younger and more vibrant. Because waxing also acts as an exfoliant, it forces the body to turn over cells at a faster rate. The result is softer, more youthful looking skin.


A Brazilian wax is a specific wax treatment that waxes the bikini area. Patients are able to define their own bikini area, opting to remove as much or as little hair as they want. A Brazilian wax is perfect for the summer and swimsuit season and will eliminate embarrassing hair or stubble from the bikini area. Plus, one benefit of a Brazilian wax is that after each treatment, the hair will become thinner and more fine. Waxing causes the hair follicle to become thinner, resulting in finer hair. That means that over time not only will you need fewer waxing treatments, but you will be able to go a longer time in between waxing treatments. Talk to one of our trained professionals at the Lime Tree Spa to learn more about our variety of waxing options, and the services packages we offer.