Weight Loss

  Achieve Weight Loss on Your Arms, Legs, and Tummy

Using new cavitation technology, it is entirely possible to use vibrating wavelengths to remove unwanted fat throughout the body. Scientists have discovered that wavelengths moving at approximately 40KHZ have been able to vibrate fat cells just enough to make them completely disintegrate. In their place, air pockets are left which can give the appearance of a smaller, thinner body. This procedure is popular for all parts of the body, but has shown great success for weight loss on the arms, legs, back, buttocks, and tummy area. Not only will this firm and lift the areas that receive treatment, but it can reduce the orange peel like appearance of fat cells lying just underneath the surface of the skin. At Lime Tree Spa, we offer just a single treatment package, or a package for multiple treatments. Clients have found the best results when this treatment is combined with multiple applications.